Balboa Park at Night

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I started this project to show people a side of Balboa Park most of them have never seen. It is a taste of December Nights at Balboa Park. This event is held on the first weekend of December, every year. That is beside the point. This project is for those people who have never been and for those who love to go to that amazing event. I hope these photos just bring you back to December Nights and get you excited for the next one. 

But for now, you guys can look at these photos, which took a lot of my time to get. In total, I spent four Saturday nights spanning two months at Balboa Park. As you can see from the photo above, it was late. Most times, I would arrive around 10:30 PM and leave around 1:00 AM. I know what you are thinking but it was the only way I could get clean photos and it is kind of an interesting time at the park.

By 10:30 PM, most of the public is leaving the park because most events end at 10:00 PM. As the public is leaving, the homeless population of the park starts making their way to their sleeping areas. Seeing this transformation is eye-opening because most tourists and locals, including myself, would never realize the number of homeless people living in the park unless they stayed after hours. And the sad thing is that this is the side of San Diego most people don't see or refuse to accept and that is the truth. However, that is enough of that, let's get back to the photos. 

In total, there is seven long exposure panoramic HDR images. They visually represent how I see Balboa Park at night and I love that I can create these for you. Additionally, these images bring me back to December Nights and all the memories I have made with amazing friends while attending that event. I can't wait for this year's one but for now, enjoy these photos. You can get access them by clicking the photo at the beginning of this blog. 



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