Sony A6500 Windansea Field Test

February 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This last weekend I decided to pull the trigger on a new camera, a Sony A6500. I decided to make the change because I have maxed out the capabilities of my older camera, Sony A6000, and the A6500 has features that will definitely help me out. Such as 5-axis in body stabilization, 425 phase point auto focus, facial targeting, increased processing power, and 4K video recording. That is just a number of the features on this camera. There are a lot more but that would make this blog extremely long. The features I just named will definitely help me take my photography to the next level and you will see why in the next blog. However, let's get back to this blog...

The photos you see above and will see throughout this blog were shoot at Windansea in La Jolla, California. I shoot them all with a Sony A6500, Sony AE3 Adapter, and Sigma 24-70mm/2.8f lens. The examples above are what this camera can do when shooting normally. 

These two photos are what impromptu HDR photos look like with the A6500.

This photo is a Panoramic HDR. If I used my A6000, then you would have definitely seen a lot of abnormalities in this photo. However, that was not the case. I could only find a few abnormalities and that is what I see. You probably don't see the abnormalities but if you know what to look for then you can notice them.

This is a Long Exposure Panoramic HDR taken at the same location as the other Panoramic HDR. I did not spend the time to set my camera properly because I was testing this camera out. However, I will definitely be going back to this location to reshoot this photo because I did not get the shot I was looking for. Additionally, as you can see. There are definitely visible abnormalities in this photo. 

In the end, my new camera definitely out performed all of my initial expectations and I will show you what it can do when I use it for portrait photography. That will be occurring this Friday when I go out to the desert with Alessandra Lopez. So stay tuned. 

Click on any of the Panoramic HDR images to see the larger versions of them.  


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