Panoramic HDR 2

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This weekend's goal was to push my Sony A6000 to its limits. The idea was to test out what I could shoot in Panoramic HDR and what I could not. For this test, I used my Sony A6000, Sony 28-75mm/2.8f SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) lens, Sony AE3 adapter, 72mm UV (Ultra Violet) filter, and 72mm CPL (Circular Polarizer/Linear) filter. Additionally, I used a tripod and shutter control remote. 

The first test, which is above, was a Long Exposure Panoramic HDR with moving water. The one issue I had during this shoot was the lack of light in certain areas. The thick sections of darkness were most likely caused because of this lack of light but I will not know until I run another test. Additionally, the long exposure still images that make up this image caused the gloss effect in the water. This eliminated the boat traffic and moving water issue.

The next test, which is above, was shot in the same location as Friday night's Long Exposure Panoramic HDR test. The idea behind it was to see if I could resolve the water issue from a Panoramic HDR by using a 4ND (Neutral Density) filter and taking long exposures. From the image, you can see I did not use the correct ND filter. I should have used a higher power ND filter and longer exposure times. However, it is good enough, in my opinion, and will not before sale because it is an exclusive print.

The last test, which you can see from the three photos above, was to see if I could create a Panoramic HDR at the beach. I took these right after the last Panoramic HDR on Saturday morning and did not know what I do now. I definitely need a higher power ND filter to do these types of Panoramic HDRs. With the high-powered ND filter, I can take longer exposures during the day. Again, this should resolve the water anomalies in the photo, well in theory. I will have to purchase a 10ND filter and test this theory in the field, soon.

Out of these three, the best one is the last one. The photo was going to be wider but it would not allow me to merge the remaining photos because of the water inconsistencies in the HDR images. However, it is still good enough to be an exclusive print.

You can access the Panoramic HDR gallery that contains the high-quality versions of these photos by clicking on any of the photos you see.   




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