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I took the photo you see above at Heritage Park. It consists of 14 HDR images. Each HDR image consists of five separate still images taken at different exposures. 

I shoot the panoramic HDR last Sunday when the weather was decent. It was definitely not ideal conditions for photography because It was drizzling and windy. However, this did not stop me from taking it or from people going to the tea house in Heritage Park. 

Yep... There is a tea house right behind where my tripod was setup. I have never been inside but apparently, it is good because of the number of people coming in and out of that place. Additionally, there were also people just visiting the park. Making it take longer to capture the images I needed. 

I took this photo at Mission San Diego de Alcalá. It consists of ten HDR images. Again, I used five photos with the same exposures as before to make this panoramic HDR. 

It was by far the easiest to shoot because of the lack of foot traffic. However, at this point, the wind was getting stronger and it started to rain so I wrapped up. This ended my photo weekend. However, this is definitely not the last photo of this blog.

I took this photo last Saturday. By far, it was the best photo from the weekend. It took 17 HDR images to create this panoramic HDR. In total, it took 85 still images to make. Additionally, this photo is not for sale. It is an exclusive print I will be saving for something special.

I shoot it from Coronado. If you are not from San Diego, then it is the peninsula right across the bay from Downtown San Diego. The park I shoot from is a plot of land between two houses and it has the best view of Downtown.

I drove to Coronado directly after working four hours of overtime. I had to go with the break in the weather. Additionally, I wanted to see if I could capture this type of image. It was not until I got home and went through the merging process that I realized what I had made. View the Panoramic HDR Gallery by clicking any of the photos in this blog and you will see what I mean. 

To end this blog. I told you I had something special for you and here it is... Till next time...


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