End of the Roses

January 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, we all know what January is like in San Diego. It's rainy and cold. These conditions make it ideal for some plant diseases to take hold and thrive. In my case, these diseases were affecting the roses I was shooting. 

The diseases themselves attack the rose flower's petals, causing necrotic tissue to form in the flower's petal which leads to its death. This was the case when I arrived this last Friday. Most of the flowers I encountered were showing these symptoms and were in the process of being removed.

Cutting roses back when the rose petals become necrotic is a common horticultural practice. This process is known as selective pruning. You cut almost all the leaves off the plant. This process makes the plant look like just stems when the pruning process is complete. In the end, the process's goal is to prevent diseases from spreading among the plants and to help the plant save vital nutrients that it can use to promote new growth in the spring.

Working around the horticulturists was difficult. I had to meander my way through the rows of roses to find flowers that I could still shoot. To my surprise, I just had to look hard enough to find adequate flowers. However, the weather was also a factor in taking photos. It was mostly the wind that caused the problem. 

The photos you will see were taken to produce HDR (High-dynamic-range) images. To get these photos just right, you need to be patient and have a still subject. Having a still subject is important because the photos will line up correctly during the HDR merge process and you will get a sharper image. However, it was windy that day making getting multiple still images of the same subject difficult. This added to the time it took to get the still photos I needed, hence patients is important. 

In the end, I got the photos I needed. I hope you enjoy the final product. You can access the photos by clicking the photo at the top of this blog. 


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