Astrophotography with Clouds

January 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Let me begin this blog by wishing everyone a Happy New Years. 2017 will be a great year because I have a lot of interesting photography projects and I will be writing blogs about all of them. Additionally, this website will be going through a few changes as a result of obtaining my small business license. For instance, I will be opening an Etsy store and my own online storefront. But enough is enough. Let's get to what this blog is truly about, photography.

New Years weekend was an interesting one at that. For many of you, the rain ruined or at least hindered your plans for New Year's Eve. Making getting to where you needed to be even more difficult. However, it made for some interesting and long overdue astrophotography.

Let me first explain to you that it was not just cloudy that evening, it was also extremely cold, especially for Alpine. Luckily I read the weather report before heading up there because I would have frozen my you know what off if I hadn't come prepared. But that was not the worst issue I ran into while getting those photos. 

The biggest problem I ran into was waiting for the clouds to open up. I was there for nearly two hours waiting for an ideal moment to capture a photo of the stars with trailing clouds. In the end, I was only able to capture eight long exposure astrophotos. Out of the eight, I only selected six to finalize and keep. Four of them are in my Astrophotography gallery, one I used for Social Media marketing, and the other is in my Patreon galley. You can see the ones in my Astrophotography gallery by clicking on the photo above and thank you again for all your support.


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